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Does the product do what it claims on the label?

UVA & UVB have both been implicated in causing DNA damage resulting in cancer. So, apparently, most of them don't.

EWG's study revealed that 7 percent of high SPF sunscreens (SPF of at least 30) protect only from sunburn (UVB radiation), and do not contain ingredient combinations known to protect from UVA, the sun rays linked to skin damage and aging, immune system problems, and potentially skin cancer. Their products do what they claim on their labels, they don't make misleading claims.

- Does the product do what it claims on the label?
o Broad-spectrum protection
o All day protection
o Waterproof
o Chemical-free

Many products on the market bear claims that are considered "unacceptable" or misleading under FDA's draft sunscreen safety standards. The Environmental Working Group, a Washington-based nonprofit, has released an investigation of nearly 1,000 brand-name sunscreens that says that "Only 15% met the panel's criteria for safety and effectiveness", and "that 4 out of 5 don't adequately protect consumers and may contain ingredients with significant known or suspected health hazards. Claims like "all day protection," "mild as water," and "blocks all harmful rays" are not true, yet are found on bottles. One manufacturer specifically has been providing these since 1992 and has marketed exclusively to resorts in tropical locations around the world. Overexposure to UV-radiation can cause skin cancer. More than 1 million Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer in 2008.


While the FDA has not regulated the industry adequately, fortunately, there is a sunscreen manufacturer that truly holds the welfare of the consumers and the integrity of their product in high regard. Over 500 of the sunscreens studied contain Oxybenzone.

EWG recommends looking for sunscreens containing physical blockers,such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide as a safer alternative.

- Does it include potentially harmful ingredients?
One example: Oxybenzone is a a popular chemical UV filter in many sunscreens. Until the FDA sets an effective date for these standards, the industry is free to use hyped claims.

EWG is asking these questions for consumers and pushing the FDA to finalize comprehensive sunscreen safety standards it bagan drafting 30 years ago:

- Does it adequately protect from the damaging rays of the sun? Skin cancers are the fastest growing type of cancer in the United States. FDA has not proposed requirements for sunscreen stability.News reports are abundant concerning a recent study conducted on the sunscreen industry. They use all natural, effective sunscreen ingredients that have been proven to be safe, they don't test on animals, they insure that their manufacturing plant performs without chemical runoff, and at the same time, they provide a line of skincare and suncare products that is truly effective and aesthetically pleasing. These products are now available online. Companies' decisions to inflate claims has spurred class action lawsuits in California. The Environmental Working Group says its analysis of hundreds of studies of more than a dozen sunscreen chemicals finds that oxybenzone can penetrate the skin and pose health concerns, anything from hormone disruption to cancer. EWG's analyses show that 48% of products on the market contain ingredients that may be unstable alone or in combination, raising questions about whether these products last as long as the label says. Because of the lack of regulation, companies are free to make their own decisions on everything from advertising claims to product quality. FDA does not require that sunscreens guard against UVA radiation. Skin cancer represents the most commonly diagnosed malignancy, surpassing lung, breast, colorectal and prostate cancer. Only 1 of 103 products from lamp holder Banana Boat and Neutrogena -- the second- and third-largest manufacturers is recommended by EWG.

- Does the sunscreen break down in the sun?
Many sunscreen ingredients break down in the sun, some in a matter of minutes, and then let UV radiation through to the skin.
." The report continues: "Some of the products of the nation's leading brands are the worst offenders. Of the name-brand sunscreens investigated, over 700 are on the "caution" list for containing potentially hazardous ingredients."

Coppertone was named by the Environmental Working Group as having 41 products that failed to meet the group's criteria for safety and effectiveness for issues ranging from failing to protect adequately to containing potentially harmful ingredients to making unsubstantiated claims.

There ARE moisturizers and sunscreens produced from all natural ingredients that adequately protect from the sun with active ingredients that are not considered health hazards and inactive ingredients that are actually beneficial to your skin's health.
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At the very least it couldn't hurt

But is there any real scientific evidence that this phenomenon is real? Actually, there are now numerous studies pointing to the efficacy of this energy medicine., revealed that two prime studies done on hundreds of cardiac patients in intensive care units showed those that were sent healing prayers had considerable improvement compared to the group that was not. Some of the distance healing sites require payment some are free.

But that compelling evidence for distant healing is just the tip of the iceberg. This picture reveals that the thoughts of one person not only has a direct effect on their own life but can also have an influence on the lives of those they think about.

If the proof is in the pudding then there is more than ample testimonial evidence that this distance healing works. Cutting edge research involving quantum physics in conjunction with more detailed studies conducted by both physicists and doctors is beginning to paint a broad picture.

In a study conducted on AIDs patients by Elisabeth Targ, Fred Sicher and 7 others, Benor noted that those who had had experienced energy senders send them spiritual energy showed marked improvement compared to filament led bulb Suppliers the control group. Check out any of the hundreds of distance healing websites around the globe and you'll be greeted with hundreds and hundreds of glowing testimonials from those who claim to have been helped by distant healers, energy senders, psychics and those who have come together to offer intercessory prayer.
At the very least it couldn't hurt. Though all the processes differ the end result wished for is the same; heal someone at a distance.Is there any evidence that distant healing works? And just what is distant healing?

Distant healing is also called remote healing, absent healing or distance healing. Edwin May and Larissa Vilenskaya's research shows that a distant mental influencer can have great effect on other living systems in addition to people.

Daniel J. There are reiki teachers, mystics, psychic healers, charismatic christians, shamans or medicine men, curanderos, curanderas, intuitives, indigo children, yogi masters, channellers, chi and chakra manipulators, wiccans, silva mind control experts, graduates of healing schools, including Barbara Brennan's famous one, as well as many others from all walks of life who just happen to have a knack for getting in touch with their own or other divine forces and magically helping others by sending or beaming that powerful spiritual energy.D. In fact, in randomized controlled studies this healing technique has demonstrated significant effects in humans, animals, plants, cells and dna. In fact there are sites that you can visit that will allow you to make a request for distant healing and have others send loving energy to help manifest the desired outcome.

Over a twenty year stretch Dr.

Even if you eliminate a number of the testimonials as being a result of coincidence, fraud, or hype you are still left with a plethora of folks who firmly believe that they have been helped and healed as a result of this spiritual energy sending. Rosemary Altea, Rosalyn Bruyere and Carolyne Myss are some other famous healers.

Today these healers come from many backgrounds with varying levels of skill and training.

And, as has been noted, the distance energy effect can be utilized with animals as well. Others just concentrate on sending loving energy or positive thoughts to the healee.

The internet has helped to facilitate the process of distant healing by making it easier for the healers to get in touch with those that need to be healed. In a study involving mice it was found that distance healers were able to wake up designated anaesthetized mice more quickly than the control mice.

With this in mind you might want to start thinking more positively about yourself, your fellow man, your animals and even your plants as well.

And, in Russia, Dr. It could start to move you in a more positive direction and cause others to think about you in a more positive light as well. It takes place when one or more healers send energy or thought vibrations in an intentional focused manner, pray for, or meditate for someone in need who may be nearby or thousands of miles away.

Some healers call on divine intervention, a specific angel or god, or channel spirit guides or entities through to do the healing. William Braud ran thirty experiments involving over 650 sessions and concluded that it is possibloe for one persons mental processes to telepathically affect that of another person, at a distance and directly.

Like noted psychic healer Edgar Cayce at the beginning of the century there are now many practioners of this particular esoteric art that claim to be proficient in sending spiritual energy to heal others often over great distances.
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